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Traverse Beyond will take you through the journey of inspiration, education and ultimately empowerment, as you embark on living into your best self. 


Traverse Beyond

Traverse (verb): to go or travel across or over

In a society that is fueled by individuals striving to get to the top whether in their personal life or careers, it’s easy to lose sight of the path that you are on, or once were.

With the end goal at the forefront of many minds, the journey of the ups, downs, backtracks and U-turns all too often becomes a distant thought.

And that is really where the magic happens.

As you traverse along the path of planning and executing your one-of-a-kind travel experience, the growth that will come from the process will make the destination that much more incredible.

Beyond (adverb): on or to the farther side; beyond (noun): something that lies outside the scope of ordinary experience

It’s easy for us to stay in our comfort zone and look at others' experiences from afar. To think about going beyond the current life experience can feel a little unnerving. Yet, what about that little voice that keeps prodding you to “go”? That’s why the meaning of the word “beyond” is so important. You have it in you to go beyond your current experiences and current limiting beliefs to experience what you have always dreamed of.

Traverse Beyond will take you through the journey of inspiration, education and ultimately empowerment, as you plan and implement your perfect trip. You will challenge your current beliefs and push past your limits to gain a one-of-a-kind travel and experience.


About Courtney

Courtney is a seasoned transformational coach with a passion for helping individuals step powerfully into their lives by overcoming mindset blocks and personal barriers. With a specialization in working with individuals, she empowers them to break free from fear, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and the lack of life balance, enabling them to realize their full potential.

Her unique approach involves bridging the gap between mental and emotional hurdles and the physical realm, integrating the healing power of nature and the importance of staying present in the moment. Courtney's coaching journey is characterized by her dedication to helping people cultivate inner strength and self-awareness.

As a dynamic professional, Courtney is not only a coach but also a captivating speaker who connects with diverse audiences. She engages with large corporations, providing tailor-made presentations for groups that leave a lasting impact. Additionally, Courtney has a knack for leading company leadership retreats, infusing them with her transformative wisdom and insights.

Beyond her coaching and corporate engagements, Courtney boasts an extensive background in facilitating leadership expeditions worldwide. Her experiences have taken her to over 28 countries, instilling a deep appreciation for the diversity of human experiences and the beauty of different cultures. Her versatility extends to teaching wilderness medicine, a skill set that aligns seamlessly with her love for adventure and the great outdoors.

In her quest for personal growth and her zeal for adventure, Courtney has earned numerous certifications. These include sailing certification, multiple avalanche certifications, and an advanced scuba diving certification, further illustrating her commitment to pushing boundaries and expanding her knowledge.

Courtney's holistic approach to personal transformation, combined with her global experiences and dedication to education, makes her a beacon of inspiration and a beacon of hope for those seeking to overcome their mental and emotional barriers. With a heart for helping others and a love for the great outdoors, she is a remarkable transformational coach who encourages individuals to live their lives to the fullest.

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Jenna Baker

Sr Marketing Manager at Rodelle Inc.

Courtney is an exceptional organizer, motivator and champion for everyone that she comes across. I have been in a group with Courtney for over 5 years and she single-handedly organizes monthly meetings that are well-run and impactful. I've also had the pleasure of enjoying a retreat for annual planning and reflection and really got to see Courtney shine as she coaxed goals and aspirations to the surface for all attendees. I am excited just thinking about it! Courtney's enthusiasm and tenacity are empowering and aspirational traits for me and I look forward to spending time with her professionally and personally.

Rochelle Reynolds

Expertise in Digital, Social Media, and Strategic Partnerships

Courtney defines the skillset of a thriving organizer and group leader. I have had the pleasure of being part of a professional group with Courtney for the past 3 years, and she manages all of the monthly meetings, the guest speakers, the topics, and keeps us on track and organized. Each year, we participate in a full-day team building experience. Courtney graciously takes on the role of planning the day that encourages both personal and professional development. And, we get some great team bonding with the group, as well as learning more about each other, and ourselves. We are so lucky to have her leadership.

Kelsey McDonald

Customer Experience Professional

Courtney and I have been in a professional group now for about 4.5 years. She continually supports our group through detailed organization, planning, and motivating. She has also organized a yearly retreat where she leads us through multiple tasks and exercises that are extremely encouraging and and motivating. She has a knack for asking great questions, leaving space for vulnerability, and opening a path to breakthrough. I always look forward to our group meetings and activities and I'm extra thankful that Courtney is at the helm.

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