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Experience an empowered you by going beyond in the physical realm

Unlock Your Potential

Bridging the gap between mental and emotional hurdles and the physical realm, integrating the healing power of nature and the importance of staying present in the moment

Ready to traverse beyond your borders?


Corporate Leadership Retreats

Our mission is to empower your organization's leaders with custom-tailored programs designed to inspire Transformational Leadership and instill Accountability. But we don't stop there – we believe that true growth occurs when you step out of your comfort zone and into the great outdoors. That's why we bring it all together with this unique experience that will challenge, inspire, and strengthen your teams leadership skills. Join us on a journey to unlock leadership potential like never before.

Motivational Speaking

Where inspiration meets transformation. Energize, inspire and uplift your audience through the power of words and personal experiences. Courtney is dedicated to igniting your inner fire, offering participants a chance to see their lives with fresh intention, and providing them with the skills needed for success in every facet of their journey.


1:1 Coaching

Are you seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and positive change in your life? Overcome obstacles, unlock your potential, and achieve the transformation you desire in various aspects of your life.

We offer a profound and impactful journey towards personal growth, self-discovery, and positive change. We are dedicated to guiding and supporting you on your path to transformation.

Travel Consulting

Traverse Beyond will help prepare you for your travel and adventures. We provide personalized guidance on packing, customized trip planning and itinerary design, advice on gear and equipment, and tips for staying safe. We also provide emotional and motivational support as you are navigating new adventures.




First Aid

SOLO's Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is the perfect intro to wilderness medicine tohelp you feel more confident as you embark on outdoor adventures. 

The Beginners Guide to Travel Abroad

In this on-demand, interactive web-based course, students will learn how to break out of their comfort zone and experience the world abroad!


Jenna Baker

Sr Marketing Manager at Rodelle Inc

Courtney is an exceptional organizer, motivator and champion for everyone that she comes across. I have been in a group with Courtney for over 5 years and she single-handedly organizes monthly meetings that are well-run and impactful. I've also had the pleasure of enjoying a retreat for annual planning and reflection and really got to see Courtney shine as she coaxed goals and aspirations to the surface for all attendees. I am excited just thinking about it! Courtney's enthusiasm and tenacity are empowering and aspirational traits for me and I look forward to spending time with her professionally and personally.

Rochelle Reynolds

Expertise in Digital, Social Media, and Strategic Partnerships

Courtney defines the skillset of a thriving organizer and group leader. I have had the pleasure of being part of a professional group with Courtney for the past 3 years, and she manages all of the monthly meetings, the guest speakers, the topics, and keeps us on track and organized. Each year, we participate in a full-day team building experience. Courtney graciously takes on the role of planning the day that encourages both personal and professional development. And, we get some great team bonding with the group, as well as learning more about each other, and ourselves. We are so lucky to have her leadership.

Sarah Krump

Old Elk Distilling

I'm in a professional development group of which Courtney is the leader. I'm a recent addition to the group, and from my first meeting, her strength as a leader was evident. Courtney consistently brings energy, excitement, and thoughtful preparation to our monthly meetings. 


I'm thrilled she's extending her talents and bringing her expertise to more workplaces. Courtney is exceptionally talented at reading a room, bringing disparate groups together, and ensuring efficient, effective use of the group's time. I highly recommend moving forward in working with her!

Kelsey McDonald

Customer Experience Proffesional

Courtney and I have been in a professional group now for about 4.5 years. She continually support our group through detailed organization, planning, and motivating. She has also organized a yearly retreat where she leads us through multiple tasks and exercises that are extremely encouraging and and motivating. She has a knack for asking great questions, leaving space for vulnerability, and opening a path to breakthrough. I always look forward to our group meetings and activities and I'm extra thankful that Courtney is at the helm.

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