Your Potential, Unlocked:

Self-Growth & Empowerment Retreat

Are you ready to unlock your full potential, release emotional baggage, and embark on a journey of transformation?

Welcome to a transformative weekend dedicated to self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth. Our retreat combines the power of self-hypnosis techniques and transformational change with the healing embrace of the great outdoors. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the depths of your own mind and get ready for new you!

Join us for an intimate weekend with a small group of women in beautiful San Diego, CA. Retreat dates are May 3-5, 2024.

Retreat Itinerary


9:30am - Arrival

  • Set the stage for a weekend of self-discovery as you arrive at our retreat location.

9:45am - Coffee/Tea/Pastries

  • Enjoy a warm beverage and delightful pastries, fostering a sense of community from the start.

10:00am - Welcome and Orientation

  • Our retreat leaders will provide an overview of the agenda, establish guidelines, and create a safe space for everyone.

10:30am - Grounding & Get to know Each other

  • Engage in group and personal icebreakers to foster connections and begin your journey of self-discovery.

12:30-1:30pm - Lunch

  • Nourish your body with a delicious lunch as you connect with fellow participants.

1:30pm - Breathing/Centering Exercise

  • Prepare your mind and body for the transformative experiences ahead.

1:45pm - Introduction to Hypnosis

  • Sam will guide you through an introduction to hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques, laying the foundation for the weekend's exploration.

2:15pm - Get in touch with Nature 

  • Embark on a scenic nature walk to a peaceful water spot, setting the stage for the first recognition exercise.

2:45 - 5:00pm - 1st Recognition Exercise

  • Explore the rules of the mind, delve into subconscious experiences, and learn the art of inducing self-hypnosis to release old habits and negative emotions.

5:00pm - Return

  • Reflect on your experience as you walk back to the retreat space.

6:00pm - Dinner

  • Enjoy a delicious dinner, nurturing both body and soul.

8:30pm - Closing Meditation

  • End the day with a rejuvenating meditation to integrate the day's learnings. 



8:00am - Breakfast

  • Fuel your day with a hearty breakfast.

9:00am - Workshop: Past Work and Inner Teaching

  • Engage in a workshop focusing on past experiences and inner teachings.

9:45am - Nature Walk and 2nd Recognition 

  • Connect with nature and gain insights from your past, aligning with your higher self.

11:45am - Return from Walk

  • Reflect on your tree recognition experience.

12:15pm - 1:15pm - Lunch

  • Enjoy a leisurely lunch, fostering connections with fellow participants.

1:30pm - Meditation

  • Center yourself through meditation, preparing for the 3rd recognition exercise.

1:45pm - 3rd Recognition Exercise

  • Reconnect with your inner power, opening space for self-love, compassion, and real change.

3pm - Creative Activity: Wine and Painting/Clay

  • Express yourself through art, combining creativity and self-reflection.

5:30pm - Dinner

  • Share a delightful dinner with newfound friends.

7:30pm - Closing

  • Reflect on the day's experiences and prepare for the next stage of your journey.


8:00am - Juice Bar and Snacks

  • Start your day with refreshing juices and snacks.

8:30am - 4th Recognition Exercise

  • Become unstoppable as you recognize your true potential and unleash your power.

9:30am - Yoga

  • Nurture your body and soul through a rejuvenating yoga session.

10:00-11am - Brunch

  • Enjoy a leisurely brunch, savoring the flavors of a nourishing meal.

11:30am - 5th Recognition Exercise

  • Set yourself free from your past, creating a powerful future aligned with your desires.

12:30pm - Break the Ice

  • Share your experiences with fellow participants.

1:30pm - Goodbyes

  • Bid farewell to the retreat, armed with newfound insights, connections, and a rejuvenated spirit.


Retreat Includes:




Your Costs:

  • Travel to/from retreat space 

The Results You Can Expect 

By the end of this immersive retreat, you will:

  • Experience profound emotional release and healing. 
  • Gain clarity on your life's purpose and direction. 
  • Cultivate resilience and a growth mindset. 
  • Transform into the best version of yourself.
  • Build a lasting community.

Invest in Yourself and Your Future

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation at our Self-Growth and Empowerment Retreat. Book your spot today and unlock the potential within you!

Limited Spots Available! 

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Cost: $2999.00

Meet Your Leaders


Samantha, a Certified Hypnotist and Master Practitioner with 15+ years of experience, specializes in personal transformation. Her journey began with a deep passion for psychology and behavioral analysis, earning her a graduate degree and the title of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She further honed her skills in advanced techniques like Mental Emotional Release Therapy and hypnotherapy.

Samantha's strength lies in customization, recognizing that personal growth isn't one-size-fits-all. She blends psychology, addiction counseling, special education, behavior analysis, neurolinguistics, and hypnotherapy to tailor her approach precisely to each individual. Her secret is optimizing the journey to success.

Samantha delivers immediate relief, helping individuals and groups break free from their past to achieve their desired life. As a guiding light in personal transformation, she ensures you not only find your path but thrive, making success clear and optimized.

Profile Pc


Courtney is a seasoned transformational coach specializing in helping individuals break free from mindset blocks and personal barriers. With a unique approach that integrates nature's healing power, NLP techniques, she empowers clients to overcome fear, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and life balance issues to realize their full potential.

A captivating speaker and dynamic professional, she connects with diverse audiences and provides tailored presentations for large corporations and leads company leadership retreats.

Her extensive background includes facilitating leadership expeditions in over 28 countries, instilling an appreciation for diverse human experiences and cultures. She holds multiple certifications, from sailing to wilderness medicine, showcasing her commitment to growth and adventure.

Courtney's holistic approach, global experiences, and dedication to education make her an inspiring coach for those seeking to overcome mental and emotional barriers. 

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“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.”
― Steve Maraboli ―