Unlock Your Adventure, and Step Into It

Gain Courage & Confidence through a Custom Adventure tailored to YOUR Wants in 6 Weeks

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6 Weeks to get you Adventure Ready

Life is a journey.

It's not just about that one destination. It's about each and every one of them and enjoying the moments along the way.

It's time to get to your first of many destinations with this 6 week program.

Discover your own strength and confidence at your fingertips.

No matter where you are on your journey, become re-energized in your life and re-gain your sense of self.  

Think of an adventure or travel experience you've been wanting to go on... A solo trip? Family trip? Outdoor adventure? Visit another state or country?

And how long have you put it off? 


________________________(fill in the blank)

Travel and adventure is key to living a healthy balanced lifestyle. It builds self confidence, courage, independence, and self esteem. 

This program identifies the adventure you are seeking, the steps needed to accomplish it, and the adventure itself!

What You Will Learn:

You will learn:

  • How to find the adventure that feels the most meaningful to you and your life that you want to enjoy...a few examples:
    • Going on a hike 
    • Taking a camping trip
    • Visiting a National Park 
    • Enjoying a staycation
    • Taking a long weekend trip -  road trip or hopping on a plane
    • Traveling overseas
    • Trying out a new hobby (mountain biking, sailing... the opportunities are endless)
  • How to plan for your adventure
  • How to prepare for your adventure
    • Packing lists
    • Gear needed
    • Must-haves
    • Physical and mental preparation
  • Budgeting
    • If this is new to you, adventure hacks to keep your wallet full 
  • How to risk assess in any situation
  • Health and safety
  • Basic first aid
  • How to build out an itinerary
  • Communication

You will also learn:

  • Tips for enjoying the adventure - even when it doesn't always go according to plan
  • How to live in the present moment
  • Tips that you can share with family and friends to help jumpstart their travel adventures

What You Will Receive:

  • An adventure date - the date(s) that you want to take on your adventure 
  • A weekly checklist to help you stay on target to hit your adventure
  • A weekly 1:1 call to go over any questions and talk through key learning objectives
  • Checklists for planning and preparation
  • Access to resources for guides, gear and more
  • Day of adventure communication
  • Post adventure debrief
  • Full access to Traverse Beyond's online curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the Traverse Beyond community
  • A truly lifechanging experience!

What this program IS...

  • This program will give you inside knowledge on where to book the best arrangements, flights, accommodation & transportation
  • This program will help you understand what you need to research and attain specific documents needed for travel and what you should take.
  • This program will provide guidance on budgeting or suggest cost-effective options for travel, gear and accommodation
  • This program will offer general tips and recommendations regarding safety and health during travel. 
  • This program provides guidance, support, and knowledge, for an intended outcome.

What this program is NOT...

  • This program is not a travel agent... we do not book travel arrangements, flights, accommodations,  or tours
  • This program does not manage travel logistics such as organizing transportation, arranging visas, or handling luggage
  • This program does not handle financial transactions including making payments for flights, accommodations, and other travel expenses
  • This program does not provide legal or medical advice. It is up to the traveler to consult appropriate professionals for specific legal or medical concerns.
  • This program does not guarantee specific outcomes from a travel experience. 

Why this 6 week program?

  • Feel empowered unlike any other program
  • Learn how to live a life of adventure no matter how big or small
  • Feel confident in planning and executing travels and adventures going forward
  • Learn the skills to help you feel confident on your travels 
  • Learn the necessary resources 
  • Feel confident in your decision making
  • Learn how to work through challenges


  • Build relationships with similar minded individuals
  • Feel excited for the life opportunities that present themselves
  • Gain confidence and courage in your everyday life
  • Learn how to live life to its fullest
  • Communicate effectively with those around you
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries
  • Become the independent person that you are

Who will you be working with?

Traverse Beyond275 (1)

Courtney, owner of Traverse Beyond,  believes that women can step into their best selves with the right coaching, education and support.

After traveling to over 28 countries across 6 continents and leading over 15 expeditions worldwide, Courtney started Traverse Beyond to facilitate the growth of women in leadership through travel and adventure. Her knowledge is expansive when it comes to traveling solo, teaching and adventuring in the backcountry.

Courtney specializes in 1:1 and group coaching, corporate personal and professional development, online programs and in-person classes. 

What are you investing into your future?

The cost of this 6 week program is $599. 

This program is dedicated to empowering you, and fueling future adventures. Unlock your adventure today, and step into it!

Still have questions? Chat with Courtney